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On-Demand Department: Legal, Procurement, Contracting

Get the help you need when you need it

Is this compliant with our policy? Can we do this?

When you don’t have an experienced internal legal, procurement, and contracting team, it’s just not possible to get those quick questions easily answered.

What if you had direct access to someone your corporate team knows? LXM LAW offers on-demand services for legal, procurement, and contracting matters—big or small.

Integrated legal, procurement, and contracting services

Our bundled team of dedicated legal and contract professionals become your pay-as-you-use “in-house” department. We’re a call away to answer questions or support the entire competitive solicitation process, negotiations, and more.

We get to know your policies, procedures, and templates inside out so we can give you the answers you need quickly and efficiently.

Expert support at a fraction of the cost

Whether it’s ensuring your books are clean and complete, corporate filings managed, recording minutes of board or counsel meetings, or helping with corporate or municipal governance, we offer the full scope of services through our experienced legal and non-legal professionals.

Build compliant, risk-managed procurement and contracting practices

Contact us today to learn more about this specialized offering and how it can benefit your organization.

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