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muniSERV and LXM LAW LLP announce strategic alliance

muniSERV and LXM LAW LLP announce strategic alliance to bring enhanced membership value to clients of both organizations!

muniSERV.ca and LXM LAW LLP have joined forces to bring even more value to our respective customers and members by providing them with enhanced access to municipal procurement expertise as well as integrated savings!

Both companies offer powerful resources that have been developed to help municipalities throughout Canada. By working together muniSERV and LXM LAW LLP are able to foster connections between municipalities, help build procurement capacity and provide savings to muniSERV members.

Our partnership will provide a platform for muniSERV members to share lessons learned and best practices in municipal procurement while offering muniSERV members discounted rates on services.

LXM LAW’s monthly open call-in shows beginning in January 2021 will provide muniSERV members exclusive access to experts to answer their specific questions on procurement.

For more information about muniSERV.ca and LXM LAW LLP, contact:

Susan Shannon, Founder & Principal, muniSERV
855.477.5095 | sshannon@muniserv.ca
Lise Patry, Partner
613.601.6333 | lise.patry@lxmlaw.ca


LXM LAW LLP is a multi-disciplinary Canadian law firm that offers legal and consulting services for procurement and contracting needs. LXM LAW LLP has in-depth experience in Canadian municipal procurement through our experienced professionals.

Our legal and consulting professionals have been on the frontline of public procurement for decades. We’re exceptionally well-versed in both the legal and business aspects of procurement and contracting, including policy and procedure development for organizations of varying sizes and scale.


muniSERV is a uniquely original online platform that masterfully connects Canadian municipalities and the municipal businesses that serve them.  Our membership continues to grow with now over 1,800 municipal and professional members across Canada.

Drawing on the 25 plus years of experience of the owner as a municipal administrator, put muniSERV in the unique position of understanding how to bring an innovative business perspective to municipalities while at the same time helping the private sector gain a better understanding of municipal operations.

LXM LAW provides confidence in procurement and contracting, helping you make fully informed decisions that make sense. 

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